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everyone have a chance to be here and have the opportunity. the disability community strongly supports moving forward. every time you do not vote in support of this, [unintelligible] i know you will have a conscience vote on this. president chiu: are there any other members of the public? public comment is closed. if we could take a vote on the motion to set as a committee? supervisor chu: aye. supervisor daly: aye. supervisor dufty: aye. supervisor elsbernd: aye. supervisor mar: aye. supervisor maxwell: aye. supervisor alioto-pier: aye. supervisor avalos: aye. supervisor campos: aye. president chiu: aye. this motion is approved. if you could call atoms 28-30? >> the certificate of appropriateness in order to make the president's desk accessible to persons with disabilities. item 29 is approving the certificate of appropriateness. item 30 is the motion disapproving. president chiu: why don't we open up item 28 for the public hearing, alterations to the legislative chamber. i know after the colleagues that wish to make opening comments, we have representatives from the mayor's office on
to entertain any questions. president chiu: any questions for the head of the mayor's office of disability? supervisor avalos: a question about -- was there ever a discussion about, you mentioned the end of your summary was doing away with completing the president's dyad-- this seems to me, the best way i would like to be able to do witit. that raised platform seems like an antiquated 19th century idea of what it is like to have legislative chambers, someone separate up there from the rest of us. i wonder if there were other designs having the equivalent of what we had here with the clerk and the president of the board working side-by-side. i also know from experience of watching the president conduct business here, and having a clerk at next to the president is an important function. i wonder if there was a discussion about configuration that would provide ample access for people with disabilities. >> there was a great deal of discussion about that as an alternate design. there were a couple of reasons why that approach was rejected. the most important perspective is that we did not trust
landmarks, going back to the disability community, this should not take that long. it is correct to say that the cost and the timeline to get that work done is not that significant, so i did not see that our hands are bound. it seems to me that we would not be delaying this worked to make the president's seat fully accessible, and we would be working in terms of our vision of where the president should sit and how they should conduct proceedings, not over and above the board of supervisors, but together with the rest of the board of supervisors. i think there's no reason to say -- no reason we cannot say that is what we want. i think that is a much better designed for people who are here all the time. as opposed to the folks just talking about it who really are not hear much. supervisor chiu: i have a couple of questions -- could you talk about some of the options you did look at over the last four years, and specifically some of the options to make the hire former president's dais less operational in the way the supervisor daly is suggesting? >> what i can tell you is that there were a
-- commission of san francisco and others talking about disabled access for small businesses. and it's something that i have been involved in for a couple of decades and our panelists have been involved in for a long, long time. i want to introduce paul church, an old friend who is the disability access coordinator for the city of berkley now. you have been involved in the whole accessability enforcement, the movement for many years. >> since the early 90's. >> since the early 90's and has been involved in the city of san francisco as well for a long period. >> not so much any longer, but quite a bit in the past. >> carla johnson in the acting deputy director of inspection sftions here at the building department. people who go out and do inspections for buildings, including inspections for disabled access, are responsible to carla's management. i know carla has been involved as well for decades and decades. >> 13 years here at dbi enforcing the disabled access codes. >> and my good buddy tom fowl at the end. tom is an engineer at the smith kettle research institute and a sailor and tom and i met
's a quadriplegic that leads a faith-based ministry to other disabled people. this past june she was also diagnosed with breast cancer. kim went to tada's headquarters in northern los angeles county for a candid conversation about disabilities, suffering, and faith. >> reporter: joni eareckson tada is a woman of many talents. she's a bestselling author, an acclaimed artist, and an internationally known advocate for people with disabilities. paralyzed for more than 40 years, tada is one of the longest living quadriplegics on record. she endures chronic pain, and just a few months ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. tada says it's her faith that keeps her going. >> boy, when jesus said in this world you will have trouble, he wasn't kidding. in this world there will be trouble. perhaps the gift of this cancer and pain and quadriplegia is that it forces me to recognize my desperate, desperate need of god, and that is a good thing. >> reporter: tada was an active, athletic teenager. then, at the age of 17, she broke her neck in a diving accident in the chesapeake bay. her spinal chord was severed,
commission approval. a certificate in order to make it accessible to persons with disabilities. president chiu: we should consider whether we should sit as a committee unless there is discussion. other members of the public on whether we should sit today? -- are there members of the public on whether we should sit today? this is in order to make the board of supervisors chamber accessible to persons with disabilities. is there anyone that would speak to that motion? public comment on that item is closed. unless there is further discussion? can we take a roll call vote on item 34? >> i believe there was someone who wanted to speak. president chiu: is there someone that would like to speak on the issue of whether we would sit as a committee? >> supervisor, it should be an easy vote and i will tell you why. i had to stumble through secondhand smoke and car exhaust. i had to step around certain barriers that were on the sidewalk. i had to deal with people that don't recognize civil rights for equal access. there is a lot of work we have to do. why is it so important here? this government repr
at the disabled community in general, last thing someone with a disability once is institutionalized care. the last thing people want is to be ostracized. this is about gaining independence. this is not about being institutionalized. this is about living in an institutionalized life. with this program and a zerot services are about is dealing with mental illnesses in that same way. we've gone so far away from institutionalizing people. you cannot do that now. we're more focused on in home care and services for the physically disabled. while we have moved so far with the physically disabled, we have left the mentally disabled far behind. laura's law pulls in a lot of these theories that we know are accurate and true. the oregon plant back in 1992 listed ihhs services as the number one need for people with disabilities. and yet the mental health community was left with back. career 20 years later talking about establishing -- here we are 20 years later talking about establishing the same programs for mental illness to help people obtain the levels of independence that they need. [applause]
's office of disability at the same time and in the same manner as they are sent to the commission member. >> i do not see anyone here from the supervisor's office, so i will summarize what had been at thecac -- at tehe cac meeting. it was determined by the code advisory commission that we should amend the proposal to only include those items which the mayor's office on disability has input into, such as publicly funded buildings or any other buildings that they would have control over. otherwise, the plan check duty for disability access remain within the department of building inspection. so we decided that it would be appropriate to send the packages to the mayor's office on disabilities, that they do have some control or plan check on, and that was the recommendation in a letter that was sent to the commission. walker -- commissioner walker: so rather than just send everything? >> right, it is very expensive to reproduce the packages and plans, and has nothing to do with the mayor's office and disability. that is at the cost of the applicant. >> how much cost are we looking at? >> it
in that handicapped space. may i ask you what your disability is? >> no, you can not. >> handicapped parking spots ate local metro spot not going to those in need. that person wasn't the only person we spotted i'm story you will only see here on fox 5 is coming up next. n ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ >>> a fox 5 investigation. >> i noticed that you parked in one of handicapped spaces. may i ask what your disability ?'s. >> i don't have a disability. >> people caught on camera using handicapped spaces. >> this investigation is weeks in the making the handicapped parking spots at a local metro spot not going to those in need. >> our investigation started with a tip from a viewer saying we should look into who is using the handicapped spots at the branch avenue mort parking lot. >> our tisha thompson went looking for the answers. >> reporter: the moon is still up. the cats are still on the prowl. but the first row of handicapped parking is already full at the branch avenue metro
with a disability. it is difficult for me to find a job in today's current environment and economy, and people like myself with epilepsy and a disability often have to overcome more obstacles than regular folks in the economy, so i find it difficult as a person. they have been there for me, and have been supportive of guiding me through the economy and how i can use my disability for benefits. i have been a client for about a year now, and received support and guidance from them. they have helped me with referrals, navigation, and websites to use, and how to survive through today's difficult economic times. i believe anyone can get a job, and i believe that anyone can reach their desired destination. care. pregnant women in labor will be forced to go across town by bus. thank you. >> think you. -- thank-you. >> thank you. i work for the general contractor as an intern. on one to say that there is vast experience from the u.s. and around the world. this is what these two companies have, they have a lot of experience. there was a lot of planning and a lot of consideration. they were
to be open. >> people on disability has the task of addressing all the disability. when we are talk about the sidewalks, ramps, we have very specific issues. for people blind and low vision, we have the issue of knowing where they are and when the cross. it can be hit or miss. >> at hulk and grove, that sound the the automatic -- it helps people cross the street safely. >> now we have a successful pedestrian signal. >> i push the button, i get an audible message letting me know that i need to wait. when it is safe to cross, not only am i going to get an audible indicator, this button is going to vibrate. so it tells me it is safe. there is the driller sound and this trigger is vibrating. i am not relying on anything but the actual light change, the light cycle built into it. >> it brings san francisco from one of the major cities in the u.s. to what is going to be the lead city in the country. >> city working on all sorts of things. we are trying to be new and innovative and go beyond the ada says and make life more successful for people. >> disability rights movement, the city has the o
do serve the constituents who are disabled, especially the elderly. i appreciate that, and you should not give any cause to the press and to those who really do not understand about ada issues to have a debate that does not take us to a better place. thank you very much. supervisor chiu: are there any others members of the public that wish to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, unless there are any other questions to staff -- yes, supervisor alioto-pier? supervisor alioto-pier: i just wanted to make a comment on one of our speakers. i wanted to first thank you for what you said. i think you were probably the most eloquent speaker up here today, and i would like to thank you for being up here today. i would also like to thank you for saying something that i set for probably six straight months, which is that this is not about me, and i just happen to be in a wheelchair, and as a result, i think it triggered something. but this should have been done when the building was brought up to code years ago. it should not have taken people with disabilities to
is disabled, you can pull off to the edge. and the next area, the tunnel portal will have a view centered on the palace of fine arts and as you come out, you can see alkatrez island and bay. and the next area is about 1,000 feet long. and when you come into one, you can see through the other end. it's almost like driving through a building than through a tunnel. and noise from the roadway will be sheltered. and the traffic will be out of view. >> when you come out of the last sort tunnel and as you look forward, you see the golden dome of the palace of fine arts and what more perfect way to come to san francisco through that gateway. >> it will be an amazing transformation. now you read it as one section, the road is a major barrier and then a wonderful strip along the water. all of those things are going to mesh together. >> right now the road really cuts off this area from public access. and with the new road, we will be able to open up the opportunity in a new way. >> this bunker that we see now is out of access for the general public. we are excited to completely rework this side an
of the handicapped spaces, may i ask what your disability is? >> i don't have a disability. >> people caught on camera using handicapped spaces leaving those who need them without any place to park. we start off with that fox 5 investigation weeks in the making. thanks for joining us. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. handicapped parking spots at a local metro lot not going to those in need. tonight we confront the drivers taking them. tissue thompson s live with answers. >> reporter: -- tisha thompson is live with the answers. >> reporter: this came from a tip who wrote us saying come to the parking lot during lunch hour. check the joggers in spiked heels or running shoes running for the trains. all you need is a handicapped sticker. who is checking? so we came out to the branch avenue metro station and checked out these metro handicapped spots and we got answers even we weren't expecting. the moon is still up. the cats are still on the prowl, but the first row of handicapped parking is already full at the branch avenue metro station in prince george's county. >> that's why i get he
-old kimberly king with false imprisonment. they kept a disabled woman locked in a bathroom at a home in the 100 block of brookberry drive for nine months while they collected her disability checks. during that time the victim was physically abused. >> the victim she suffered from multiple injuries, everything from her eyes being injured to her ribs being injured, to her having a fractured tailbone. >> the unidentified victim is in critical condition right now. her 1-year-old child is in the custody of social services. two men are behind bars accused of stealing $3.5 million in metal. they arrested the two men on tuesday in connection with the commercial burglary in the 3,500 block of little street last week. police say men stole more than 500 tons of metal that is used to make stainless steel. police say they have apprehended the first suspect within minutes of arriving at the shopping center on wnds. the other suspect fled the scene but was picked up yesterday. and the search is over for a man who escaped police custody with his pregnant girlfriend. they were arrested without incident by u.s.
that prevents the mayor's office of disability to, and asked the department to see the agenda package? >> we sent a copy of the agenda to the mayor's office, and if they want to see an item on the package, it is there. it is online, yes. >> i'm sure it is similar to what i do when i see an agenda item on the board of supervisors. i go down to the clerk and just ask. is that correct? >> yes. >> any further comments? the question is what was the main reason why the supervisor wanted a copy sent at the same time >> i do not know. i was never contacted. i was never asked. this just showed up. it was sent to the access appeals commission by an art instead of sending it to this commission. -- by ira b --y error -- by error instead of sendind to this commission. >> so they could view the documents without having to incur the costs of getting a copy. >> yes. >> i would like to propose that we just continue this and have someone from the supervisor's office come over and explain what exactly they want. >> i would, too. the only thing is this is going to the board of supervisors, so it will happen if
is disability employment awareness month. we have invited someone to give a presentation from the community vocational enterprise. they train and place people with disabilities in businesses across san francisco. it will be a very formative discussion. i am glad that this is coming up right now as we are also dealing with ada lawsuits. it is really important for us to look at hiring persons with disabilities as part of the business plan and really put them at the front of the line. and look at the value of hiring persons. that is my report. president riley: next item, please. >> item 21, commissioner reports. president riley: any reports? commissioner dooley: i have a report on a few things. i have been attending weekly meetings with the owners of the small pet shops in san francisco regarding the attempted invasion of the neighborhood corridors by formula retail chains. they have filed an appeal with the board of supervisors on the latest permit by the planning commission, so we will see how that goes. on the eleventh, i attended as i do every month, the group formed to create a waterfront
and can't work? are you mentally ill and can't work? are you physically disabled and can't work? then the law firm of disability associates should be working for you. - depend on disability associates because social security disability law is all that we do. my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. >> in york -- in your consumer alert, craigslist is set to break its silence. they have refused to answer questions. today, the director of customer service will testify before congress during a hearing of the house judiciary crime subcommittee on domestic minor sex trafficking. if you
? are you physically disabled and can't work? then the law firm of disability associates should be working for you. - depend on disability associates because social security disability law is all that we do. >> in the "consumer alert," there is a growing market for people trying to squeeze every penny out of their money. the gadget can help consumers get the most out of their products, which thing that every drop of toothpaste from tubes. one company reports that its revenues have doubled since 2007. students across the country are back in school. that means hitting the books for most students, but for some, it means hitting the cell phone. texting i classrooms is going on in record numbers. >> have you ever texted in a classroom? >> yes, i have. >> 43% of high-school students text while in class. after a summer of texting, it is not easy to turn off the bid. 73% of students who say they do do it constantly. >> it is just another tool. >> more than half in the surveys they text others in the classroom. many get text from their parents. >> i need to communicate with them. >> they reply back
- are you chronically ill and can't work? are you mentally ill and can't work? are you physically disabled and can't work? then the law firm of disability associates should be working for you. - depend on disability associates because social security disability law is all that we do. >> a gas line ruptured in a huge explosion are apparently to blame for a massive five-year near san francisco that destroyed 50 houses. last night, happened sparking fireballs' said shot 1,000 feet up into the air. officials say at least 75 were taken into area hospitals. >> a terrible tragedy has fallen on our city. our main concern is making sure our citizens are safe. >> numerous fire crews, two air tankers coming endicott helicopters worked to keep the flames from spreading. more than 750 people were evacuated after a massive fire in eastern pennsylvania at an apartment complex. it destroyed a 15-unit building and damaged several others in the area near philadelphia. officials are trying to determine how the fire started. so, the question -- when should you get a flu shot? the new recommendations in this a
transit system like meany -- muni. >> the americans with disabilities act of 1990 is a wide-ranging federal civil- rights law that prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities. title two of the ada addresses access to public services, including public transportation for persons with disabilities. it requires transit operators to call out stops at transfer points, major intersections, and major destinations, and to announce particular stocks requested by customers with disabilities. stop announcements are especially important for passengers who are blind or have low vision. these individuals cannot travel independently if they are not assured of getting off at their intended destination point.
disability benefits. are you kidding me? after we send them to war and ask them to sacrifice their bodies and possibly their lives, they're not being helpful by collecting their disability. he adds the irony that the v veterans who saved the country are in a way not helping to save the country. wow, so it's up to the veterans to balance the the budget by sucking it up and not collecting the benefits they desperately need to pay their medical costs? it's not up to the politicians? it's not up to you. it's up to the veteran who is fought the wars? i'm amazed by these people. how do they sleep at night? now, you know what's ironic? pretending you're for the troops when you want to start a war. then throwing the troops under the bus the minute you get a chance. it's also iron to pretend it's their responsibility to balance the budget after you spend trillions on wars you start that had caused their disabilities in the first place. one of the largest veterans groups in the country called for his dismissal. senator simpson cannot figure out how to balance the budget if he can't do it off the ba
ability to help children with disabilities is unsurpassed. if i have not been the camp manager, i have a profound admiration for both of them and the board of ethics. thank you. [applause] >> i retired last year from parks and recreation. this has been very hard with us to lose his position after this many years. he has done a good job. he has an impeccable record. he will be missed. 21 years as a camp manager. he has done wonders. he has children from the 1970's that stop by the house to see how daisy is doing. children with disabilities act still come to see how dave is. i am truly happy to see how truly recognized he has been. it is a long time coming. i know there is life after rec and park. he said that i would never have met cammy or carmen. for all of the wonderful people. thursday night, we do have our final luaw for the summer. dave bayh is a -- buys a pig out of his own pocket. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. i would like to take this opportunity to honor him and providing a space and treasured experience that all san francisco you should probably have an opportunity
with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v it's time for fios. >> in this afternoon's "consumer alert," wall smart introducing its own brand of cell phone. the service called wal-mart family mobile will run on t mobile u.s.a.'s network. unlimited calling and texting will cost $45 for the first line and $20 for each additional line. the service will go on sale next week. you may notice we're paying 20%-30% more for a plane ticket than at this time last year. passengers are paying the price. even if you book your ticket well in advance,al flights are still pricier than last year. experts say some of the people who -- if pumpkins are in your decorating or recess pi plans this holiday season, you could see fewer at the grocery store. farmers are expecting to yield just half a crop this year. the problem has been too much moisture causing pump kings to rot and anticipate short fall ins meeting this year's demands. well, they've become a portible alternative to hand washing. but you may want to hold off on hand sanitizeers. you may want to hold off wont ering why. >> but first, allergy suffererers, list
and linkage program services to adults with disabilities for a total not to exceed $13,941,544. >> very good. an and colleagues, i have and perhaps you have on your desk as well, an amendment, actually reset the total amount for the agreement to $16,144,186 and make that amendment here. >> if we can do that without objection. okay. >> good morning, chairman and members of the committee. i'm david flores jr., senior administrative analyst for the human services agency and contracts manager for contracts of aging and adult services. with me is david concern erner. we are here to introduce for your consideration amended resolution 10-0832 requesting your authorization for the agency to enter into a new grant agreement with the nonprofit institute on aging to provide case management and linkage, respite, program services to seniors an adults with disabilities for a total not to exceed amount of $16,144,866. the maximum term we are proposing under this grant agreement will run from july 1, 2010 through june 30, 2015. the institute on aging has over 30 years of experience serving elders and adults
want to mention is we still have major issues from people with disabilities in a public transportation system, so unfortunately, we are not able to easily jump on a bike and ride into work, and the options are very limited. the bus system, as good as it is sometimes, i do not think people understand the real obstacles people with disabilities are faced with. there are a lot of very -- various issues, and if you would not mind, this special attention to those as you're going along your daily life. i'm assuming the investor. and looking at the needs of people with disabilities in san francisco, they do also translate into the needs of working moms and working dads who have strollers and children and are trying to shuttle from one place to another, soccer game with a couple of kids in tow and a stroller, and there are a lot of different needs that are out there, and consideration when making your decisions. >> absolutely. i am very aware of the challenges faced, especially with the disabled community and wheelchair users and the bus system. it is always so important to remember -- to let
or the riders of muni. i'm a person with disability. i ride wheelchair. i'm out there all shifts. i'm out there not just in the daytime. i'm out there at night and out there doing my job. i'm the only full-time director that they have. i know what's out there. i know from a rider perspective that we look out for people who work at night who are gone due to budgetary concerns. i want to put those back in place. and hopefully with the full board as soon as possible. i'm looking forward to working with cheryl. believe me we will get the job done. we have to be independent in our thinking. we have to be looking out for the citizens of san francisco. mainly i want to say this, we want to make sure that each and every one of us is making sure that everybody who pays their $2 to ride muni is getting $2 worth of rides. because right now i don't believe they are. the disabled -- i agree with the speaker that said we are not paying attention enough to youth because the youth are the lifeblood of this city. we have to make sure that their voices are heard. i'm sure that miss brinkman and i will take
. in this case, where there are lots of people with disabilities who use this office, they have a sign in this, you can see access is on the side of the building, it's about 100 feet down the street. and here it is, here is the accessible entrance on the side of the building and it's theoretically part of the main path of travel, it's not locked, you don't have to ring a bell, you just have an alternate means of accessible entry to the area. it doesn't take you through the back alleys of the building, theoretically. >> the previous slide was a really good slide to show, even though you don't have wheelchair access at this entrance because there's steps at that location, that you still provide the and rail for somebody who is semi ambulatory coming down the steps to grab on to. even though there is an accessible entrance a little bit further down the road, there's still things that have been implemented there on the stairs. >> but one thing that hasn't been done is striping so people with low vision can see. every tread should have striping. it would seem that the readily achievable standards f
with disabilities act. >> i think she needs to meet these kids and, i think she needs to have an opportunity to see that they are awesome, and, please don't shut them out. because they don't fit into the perfect little box everybody wants them in. >> reporter: it doesn't look like arms plans on doing that any time soon, since she says she different discriminate. >> i don't understand why she's offended at the sign to start with. just because, mother nature gave her an autistic child, or god, you know? that is something she has to deal with and i think she's really upset, because, that is what she had handed in life, and i feel sorry for her. it is her problem. >> reporter: a debate that started under the level of noise in one establishment, is only getting louder. bill: there's a baseline of information what is happening in north carolina, and, wect reporting on that. you can believe there is reaction on this, your e-mails, all fired up. martha: you know what? two issues here, the issue of the autistic child and whether or not the child has a right to go into the restaurant with his mother, and the
. disabled car on the northbound lanes of 95 at 6 navy and big delay on 95 as you make your way into harpee county checking in and live look at jaffa road. the northbound anes are really going to ad crash at mountain road. % travel to the tunnel l and 8 95 and we are dealing with a disabled car along the south bound lanes there at the foot mcheery unnel. west side of the belt way laccing at 45 miles er hour here at liberty% roadd ut we are dealing with and as kahn see moving along okay. that will not be the of the belt way. we arep side dealing with disabled car. another disabled car ttere along the inner oop at charles strret. speeds lock in at 27 miles per hour there at yorkkroad. that is the traffic edge report, now back to you. >>> okay lauren thanns so muc mmch. hurricane airls no in the state >> emily has more on the great weekend the storm is leaving behind. p. >> casttng your ballot in maryland. the history being made by voters across the state today. >> anthony was sseeding down 95 whee poliic pulled him over. coming up, how t [ female announcer ]
. >> i noticed that you parked in one of the handicapped spaces. may i ask what your disability is? >> i don't have a disability. >> drivers caught on camera using handicap spaces in a metroparking lot, leaving those without the spaces. >> good morning, holly. >>> it's a good morning to do sheep dog herding. we are live for the 2010 national sheep dog finals. we're talking about the best of the best. we'll show you how to works and how you can come and see it live for yourself all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. d eas >>> the 2010 national sheep dog finals going on in the area all week. >> fox 5's holly morris is in middletown, virginia, today, to learn more about the unique competition. and i know we're talking about the sheep dogs, but pretty view this morning. >> reporter: it is my pleasure to share it with you. they couldn't have this competition at a more picturesque spot. right now we'll give you an overview of what a big deal this event is. it's like the olympics or superbowl of sheep dog herding. and here to give you perspective is amanda mulligan. and when we say
of disabled citizens. thank you. supervisor alioto-pier: thank you. next speaker please. >> first of all, i want to acknowledge and make sure that everyone hears that i do know there is real suffering out on the street, suffering here, and that people do behave in ways that could easily be characterized as mental illness. i do not disregard that. i was at the last hearing where we were informed that the dsm 4 has come up with a diagnosis where someone is lacking in side about their mental condition, and this really struck me as a catch-22 because i remember there was a diagnosis of a slave who did not accept his or her condition of slavery was considered mentally ill. i really think that someone who is unable or unwilling to accept the treatment that he or she knows and now probably everyone in this room has knowledge has severe physical and psychological effects that are irreversible. why that would be a sign of illness -- it really does not even make sense to me. the other thing that i do want to ask -- and i hope you will consider -- is how many people ever get off the assisted outpatien
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